tifu music collection

i run an account on youtube dedicated to archiving my physical media in digital form. i also upload these videos to archive.org if they get taken down. here is a catalogue of everything i have archived or uploaded so far.

The Prodigy - Experience
annoyingly, they nuked the copyright on this. yep...
anyway, great album.

╬═♥╬═ dj time crystal ═╬♥═╬ - hypnosis (2017), ava's breath - the wall was a golden lemon mirror & swallow her whole cannibal (2016)
two albums by 0081's aliases. nuked their entire discography, thought id share two cool ones that are now gone. make sure u check them out!

the real sound of the underground hardcore scene
mini playlist i made of some songs i really like!

Grimes - Visions
This cassette was custom made by my friend Venus as a part of a raffle which i won! its an awesome cassette, beautifully made. colours look great. 

Celeste - Farewell
rly cool cassette, good price, awesome music.

The 1975 - being funny in a foreign language
won this cassette in an eBay auction, worth the money definitely. some good tunes.

Machine Girl - Krystle EP (bootleg)
made it when i was bored and realised mg had 3 songs which were variations on the original song, Krystle. made a mix of em. lol.