deadAir records

Self described as the "last human label", I'd say its probably true, especially in the pop and experimental electronic (even sometimes shoegaze influenced) music. I truly do not think any other label could be home to these types of music and have the ability to propel them as far as deadAir have done.

Their artist lineup, in order that they have it on their social medias:


jungle breakbeats with genuine love and care behind them, especially in the current era of jungle it's so hard to find real actual heartfelt stuff with passion for the community and love for the music. it's entirely refreshing, and on the project highlighted in the image to the left, quinn's vocals enhance the record with a style of jungle i had not heard previously. also dazegxd has an awesome website go check it -> dazegxd
dazegxd is 100% somebody to look out for, if you arent already looking, that is.

Jane Remover

i don't think i could gather enough words to describe how i feel about jane's music but her being featured on deadAir's roster is an absolute gem. after following along her musical journey the past few years, she has changed my view on music entirely probably around 4 times. i actually used to do cringe type hyperpop stuff around 2020, and jane produced one of those tracks. its been wonderful to see her improve so drastically and become a defining artist for this generation. with frailty being released on deadAir and soon Census Designated (will have a review for this on the site once it releases), I can't wait to see the future of her career.


i'll be honest, the last time i caught up on what quadeca was doing it was rap videos on youtube. to see him as a fully fleshed out and impressive artist has blown me away and i think anyone who previously knew of quadeca should give this album a try, and i see why deadAir is home to this record as it fits perfectly into their releases.
definitely look out for more quadeca stuff for the future!


quannnic has solidifed herself as a modern day shoegaze artist, taking clear inspiration from the sounds of the 80s and 90s and fuelling them with her production ability and vocal processing. would recommend to any fan of shoegaze, old or new, as she has definitely bridged a generational gap with her music. my shoegaze loving aunty likes quannnic, so you should too. unless you're not into shoegaze in the first place, in which case, fair enuff....
but yeah, recommend 100%.

anyway yeah, thanks for reading my small little article on deadAir records! will be more to come, so keep updated! thxx!! <3
love mya