adding things in here
literally just random stuff i liked or disliked and wanted to review
(i never do a rating system in numbers/stars, i think its annoying)

Shoebill - hikikomori days
really really great album, insane talent. one of the best breakcore producers of all time, easily one of the top mashcore artists.
love u shoebz
highlights: all my pals love maschore (FREAKING LOVE THIS TRACK!), dancecore dirtbag, irelands new national anthem (you're welcome)

Renard - Because Maybe
really sick mix of the best ren tracks across their albums around and before 2010, really brilliant mashcore and use of samples is insane. really wish i had this talent.
highlights: I'm a Blind Cave Salamander, NAMx, Push Cycles, Dracula

Machine Girl - WLFGRL
really cool footwork record, self described "footwork from hell". awesome, makes me wanna be a werewolf.
always a fan of the albums dred collective releases, always sound sick. fan of the themes they explore in this record and samples which also reflect it.
highlights: 覆面調査員 (GabberTrap Mix), Phase α, Ghost, Ionic Funk (20XXX Battle Music)

sidenote: if you havent already, watch ginger snaps and the one armed machine girl. both awesome movies which are clear inspirations for this record.

Mechatok + Bladee - Good Luck
overhated as heck, its literally insane how much hate this got just because bladee was working on a pop album instead of his usual trap style. this album has tons of rly sick europop, i cant sit here and lie and say i dont bop my head listening through this album. the day i knew i liked this album was when mechatok had a live event featuring bladee, where they played God.
while definitely not my favourite bladee record, its definitely under appreciated.
highlights: rainbow, god, you, drama, sun, into you

g#resh#t + hitori tori - Misdirection
this album clearly shows a new direction in g#resh#t's production ability, while still reflecting his older music this is a fresh idm album with a great mix and really nice sounds. on hitori toris side, he is great as usual, really one of the best idm musicians recently.
highlights: ligwiybd, gravy All Over Him, arp4joy, Ahoy My Boy, Black IHR

kmoe, Jane Remover - homeswitcher
has been one of my favourite songs for a while, since it released. Jane and kmoe revolutionised whatever the heck "hyperpop" is and made a genuine classic. love this song.

D V D - Calpico Smirnoff
used to listen to this track all the time while playing csgo
reminds me of 2020 during lockdown
genuinely a great song, check it out.

bye2 - Teeth Restoration
the main man mr poo describes bye2 as his favourite electronic musician, and id have to agree. love u !
this record is awesome, bye2 clearly found their style and sound shown in older demos and cemeted it into one record. its great. must listen.
highlights: onionfriends2004, Kotu Tavsan (reminds me of old lapfox tracks...),  Reverse Nightmare Tower.

really great record, speedcore classic. introduced to me by Terence of Dead in Latvia. Glad he showed me it because its really sick, listen to it really often.
highlights: Jampin'Jap Crash, 37 Dicks, TokyoStyleSpeedcore (referenced by Dead in Latvia in SheffieldStyleSpeedcore)

V.A - Favicon (Vol. 1)
amazing compilation, absolutely insane curation by Shoebill here as usual, whole album works beautifully well.
sure, some artists on it are now known as assholes but even still, their songs work on this album (starlits not so well, although i cant lie and say i thought cyberia lyr3 was bad)
highlights: Millions Of Doormouse Samples [DOORMOUSE MEGAMIX], ススメFall To Light Runner!!(違うだろ?), Not Allow, No_Addiction_200f, top40kore

Venetian Snares - Detrimentalist
absolutely amazing jungle breakcore album, venetian really giving a frick you to his copycats and showing how little he can give a heck about the integrity of a break sample.
highlights: Gentleman, Eurocore MVP, Sajtban

V.A - Kyarikore?
really awesome album, kyarikore is a collection of... kyarikore i guess! its really great!
highlights: ∞pon, A Kyarikore Song, How To Get Candy Lodged Up Your Cock Hole (nice title LOL)

DJ Rashad - Double Cup
this record is amazing, i love footwork so much its insane. really beautiful, if anyone asked me for an example of footwork to give them it would be this record. shout out JONNY for sharing it with me!
Rest in peace Rashad Harden, you really were insanely talented.
highlights: Show U How ft Spinn, Pass that Sh#t ft Spinn + Taso, Only One ft Spinn + Taso

Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy
how could i do a section on my site about all my favourite music without including Aphex??
this record is really awesome, ive loved it since i first heard the single version on the music video which really spooked me. the album has hard hitting drill n bass and idm and even some mellow chill songs, that really compliment the album.
highlights: Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix Version), Flim, IZ-US, To Cure a Weakling Child, Contour Regard

Bladee - The Fool
easily one of bladees best projects in my opinion, its up there with 333 and icedancer. really incredible, loved every track. hearing it live was really sick too. i remember listening to this album when it came out, i was in london and listened on the bus to my hotel. remember thinking like, wow, this is rly an album for me lol. again im not one to debate about my music taste so i dont care what others think, but this album really is awesome.
highlights: Hotel Breakfast (i listened to this while eating hotel breakfast in london), egobaby (his swedish at the start is cool lol), Trendy, Thee 9 is Up, I Think..., The Fool Intro

Bladee - 333
I remember when this album released too and being immediately blown away by how much bladee had matured. i remember listening to this with my eyes closed and lying down in bed, and genuinely crying my eyes out midway through to "Noblest Strive". some of the songs on this album are incredible, definitely a must listen.
highlights: Noblest Strive, It Girl, Wings in Motion, Mean Girls, Oh Well

Bladee - Icedancer
this project is my favourite of bladee's, and for good reason. every single song is amazing, with some songs being somehow better. i was genuinely blown away by some of the tracks on this record. i remember when this mixtape released on christmas i think, and i listened while playing games with friends. i have always listened to bladee but this mixtape solidified him as one of my favourite artists.
highlights: Side by Side ft Thaiboy Digital, Inside Out ft Yung Lean, Be Nice 2 Me, Mallwhore Freestyle, Special Place (my fav track), Topman, Waster, Jaws.

Bladee - Plastic Surgery
this project has one of my favourite bladee songs on it, It Suxx. really awesome project and it suxx is genuinely a awesome song. shouts out eleanor lol
highlights: it suxx

really great record, edm bangers. dashie is a good friend and i look up to him a lot!
i know dashie doesnt make dariacore anymore but... ah well
highlights: flamingo, you think you know the answer, they were deleted you say?, wish... right now...

Dj Billybool + Bladee - Som Jag
hearing bladee and thaibo-sorry, Dj Billybool greatest DJ on earth, rapping in Swedish is really a breath of fresh air. billybool as usual displays insane production talent with eurodance-esque club music. really great!

this record blew me away the moment i heard it, really amazing and showed a maturity in lil kirby and yaon's art which i hadnt previously heard. korean hyperpop is amazing and seriously underrated in the western scene. they display their talents extremely well in this album and the production quality is amazing. really underrated record.
highlights: 2x Shawty (literally one of my favourite songs ever), Dive in time ft lil yu, I am the only one who knows this world is a game

Lil Kirby + Yaon - Hot 6
there used to be a music video for this song but i guess its been deleted, probably because the MV had a different mix than the official release. ah well, it was a good video from what i remember lol. really great song, also one of my favourite songs!

V.A - TAKE IT ALL!! 2022 w Lil kintexx, chilloud, 김상민그는감히전설이라고할수있다, YesJunior24, Qka, BEN YAXVY, REI, VIN4

This song is literally insane, and the visuals are insane. This music video is genuinely awesome. im really lucky to know the korean scene, even if they are underrated...

highlights of the video: SORRY BOUT THAT! percys neva let me down! all the undertale sound effects. chilloud flapping his arms and walking on the bridge. 

this is a really awesome project, be sure to check it out. 모두 사랑해요 ^^ <33

Dahyun and Chaeyoung - 나로 바꾸자 Switch to me
this song and video are a quick way to make me happy, everytime. i love this video so much, everything about it is great, and the song is great. really good cover and better than the original imo. they are both angels and i love them both so much!

Toby Fox - UNDERTALE (Game + OST)
genuinely my favourite game of all time. if you haven't, play it. trust me. toby has improved so much since his earthbound halloween hack, which had the original Megalovania on it. i played this when it first came out but was easily bored, as i usually am, but i realised that i need some kind of direction or instruction in order to play a game and enjoy it without getting bored. so i went into it again, knowing that i shouldnt kill or hurt anything and that i should "play it twice". so i did. and i loved it. and i cried so much!!!
play this!!!
the ost is absolutely amazing, toby is a musical genius. i love it so much.
highlights: his theme, hopes and dreams, memory, your best nightmare

leroy - Grave Robbing
this is probably my favourite release of this year, genuinely. really did not expect to love it this much, so much better than the previous leroy releases and i have listened to this entire album almost every single day. so so good, genuinely.
highlights: it's up to YOU now!!, lately this feeling (i'm so drunk ...........), Jack'd My Swag (& Those DAMN PRICES)

NewJeans - Get Up!
really really really great EP, loved every track. however, while ASAP had a great chorus and intro i think the verses are kind of lacking.
every other track is a highlight, but i love super shy, new jeans and eta

Carc#ss Grinder/Demisor split
really awesome grindcore, anime grind is always awesome.
both demisor and carc#ss grinder r awesome, i have this on CD too.
highlights: skullbooze, erased surface

Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship - Otakuslam♡Animecide
new diw album! really great, loved every track and the features were awesome.
highlights: ストーム・イン・カーネイジ, Scream Bloody G#re (ゝω・´★) (super cute), Niconiconi 2023 (callback to mu'Sick)

Fried Green Tomato - April Flower
i have forgotten how i found this,  but its japanese indie guitar stuff from 2003. quite good! cover art is cool, so 2000s
highlights: 時計, April Flower

Hi-C - Pretty D3m0n R0kkstarzz
hi-c started all this stuff tbh, so many copycats of him nowadays which will never be the same LOL awesome EP i love it so much
highlights: By333 By333!, No Emotionzzz, BALL0UT!!!

awesome album, i own it on LP. internal rot are great, grindcore from australia! definitely listen to this if ur into grind.
highlights: Eaten By Crabs, Grieving Birth, Sensitive Cop

Krossad - Dreaming of You Coral
actually quite good grind hardcore punk stuff. really cool!
this was bladee and ecco2ks old band btw, if u didnt know. used to be punk!

young ecco2k and bladee
bladee actually has quite decent vocals on hardcore stuff.

Lil Kevo 303 - Falling Leaf
kevos latest album, open source kevo. really great, love this album.
highlights: Kompy 194iv, Crying Heart 195iv, Faith of the Gods 194iv

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